L a n d s c a p e   A r c h i t e c t u r e ,   I n c .

NICHOLS Landscape Architecture, Inc. is a Florida based company, established in 2010, that offers creative design consulting services to various public and private entities seeking our expertise on their projects located throughout the Central Florida Region, State, and Southeast U.S.  We strive to provide quality design and cost effective services that meet the needs of our Clientele through an efficient, effective and proven design process.

Our company is a fully licensed professional Landscape Architecture company that brings an extensive history of providing exceptional design solutions for numerous high profile and award-winning projects to highly affordable and competitive design solutions to the traditional and standard projects.  Our area of expertise includes; transportation related projects, recreational based projects, civic-institutional projects, residential community developments, commercial, waterfront projects, and master planning.   We offer permitting, cost estimating, construction plan preparation, and construction services.

 Ms. Celia R. Nichols, RLA, ASLA, is the president and principal-in-charge, a University of Florida graduate, and a Tampa native.  She brings thirty-five years of professional Landscape Architecture experience on various types of projects that are located throughout the continental US, Indonesia to Costa Rica.  She is also involved in her local community and serves as a chapter coordinator for a National Foundation.  She is on the political advocacy committee for her profession, participates in local and national charity events and supports the University through mentorship activities and internship programs.

NICHOLS Landscape  Architecture, Inc.’s company philosophy has been built upon the passion for integrating the natural and built environments by being good stewards of the land while providing for people and their needs.  Our designs work toward protecting the natural habitats and its resources to the greatest extent possible, while allowing for the design of a project to reflect its location, or to be incorporated into its surroundings as a harmonious solution.  Our expression tools include native plants, art, water, land and a strong understanding of “place” as an existing or built environment.  As we begin each of our projects, we seek our Client’s input while keeping in mind the specific site’s opportunities and constraints, so that we are ultimately enhancing and providing for the project’s current and future needs.  From a small commercial site, to a large residential community, we strive to protect and minimize the natural habitat, site conditions and if applicable its historic or preservation aspects, using our company’s sustainable and GREEN design practices and methods.  Creating “sustainable solutions for outdoor spaces and places” is our passion and Celia’s personal lifelong aspiration.   She is inspired with a sincere appreciation of Art and Music as influenced by her mother, a talented artist and classical musician and from her father, who was a renowned Botanist who provided her a broad understanding of the value of plants, native plant species and the natural habitats in Florida.   

NICHOLS Landscape Architecture, Inc. is a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise with the Florida Department of Transportation, a Women Minority Business Enterprise and Small Business Enterprise with the City of Tampa, and State of Florida, Office of Supplier and Diversity, Minority Women & Service-Disabled Veteran Business Certification.  Our company is dedicated to serving our Clients and providing successful projects that become memorable places and spaces for generations to enjoy.